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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: "Tomorrowland Brasil is a hell of a party"

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: "Tomorrowland Brasil is a hell of a party"

Belgian superstars Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike know Tomorrowland better than anyone. From local fans to official Tomorrowland residents, to chart-topping main stage regulars – the Thivaios brothers have risen to the top of their game with epic, explosive sounds that light up the world's biggest dance festival again and again.

Last year they played a leading role in an incredible new chapter of the Tomorrowland story. With the return of Tomorrowland Brasil to Itu, São Paulo, now less than two months away, we asked the #1 DJs in the world exactly what we should expect this April…

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As the Kings of Tomorrowland, what do you think makes it is so popular?

Dimitri: Tomorrowland is a very special festival. We grew up next to the festival site in Belgium so we know the venue already since we were kids. I was working as a technician at the festival when a was a teenager and a few years later I started my DJ career so for me, the festival is really something very special.

Mike: Next to that, the festival is really a magical place. You have people from all over the world that are gathering for one weekend to enjoy life and music. The surroundings are amazing, beautiful decoration and the atmosphere is very special.

What was it like to play at the very first Brazilian edition last year?

Dimitri: Well, we were already touring in Brazil before and we know that the Brazilians know how to party. So we knew already that it would be a hell of a party. Also the weather is fantastic, you can enjoy a great sunset and you do not have palm trees in Belgium!

Mike: It was great to be back in Brazil and to be part of Tomorrowland Brasil. Everyone was singing, dancing, it was a very cool party with lots of beautiful people.

Why do you think it works so well in Brazil?

Dimitri: I think Tomorrowland is something unique and if you keep the ingredients : good music, great vibes, nice atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, magical decoration… you can organize it anywhere. Once you have entered the festival, you feel in a different country, the country that is called Tomorrowland.

Congratulations on being DJ Mag’s #1 DJs in the world 2015! What does the coming year have in store for you?

Mike: Lots of things, we are touring a lot, we are preparing an album, we went to the Grammy’s, we were performing on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed. We are producing new tracks and preparing shows.

Any new material up your sleeves for this year's crowd?

Dimitri: Of course, we always try to bring new tracks!

Mike: Watch and see! [laughing]

Do you have a message for your fans traveling to Tomorrowland Brasil this April?

Dimitri: Bring love and all those good vibes with you!

Mike: Enjoy, live, love, laugh and dance.

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