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Eats Everything: "I do eat almost everything"

Eats Everything: "I do eat almost everything"

Nassau Festival 2017

Nassau Festival 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since breaking onto the scene in 2011 with his aptly titled Entrance Song, Bristol native Eats Everything has made DJ life look easy. The ever in demand party starter has already been named DJ Mag's Best British DJ, held a residency at London's XOYO, recorded multiple Essential Mixes, started his own label called Edible and is now hosting a radio show on BBC Radio 1.

Of course in reality he's working incredibly hard, but the larger than life DJ approaches his work with such infectious enthusiasm that you can't help but like the guy. He also happens to be one of the better personalities to follow on Twitter

With a headlining slot at the upcoming Nassau Festival, we thought it was a good a time to catch up with the man born Dan Pearce and ask him some tough questions.

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First off, and most importantly, are there foods you don't like or will you really eat everything?

Haha, I do eat almost everything but I really hate parsley, mushrooms and celery.

The big topic of the day is whether you put ketchup in the fridge or not, what are your thoughts?

Definitely not, who does that?! It lives on the shelf.

Nassau Festival is in the Netherlands where they put mayo on their chips, what's your take on that and what's your go to?

Is that a strange thing to do? You shouldn't feel weird about that, I love mayo on chips! Mayo, ketchup, whatever really... We put gravy on chips in the UK, what do you think about that?!

You talk about electronic music being "too serious" these days and there does seem to be a number of DJs who agree with you. Do you think electronic music will go back to being more party focused?

I don’t think electronic music as a whole will go back to being more party focused, but there’s definitely a lot more DJs and promoters out there that are making it a lot fun like the Elrow guys are doing.

You have a strong social media presence, do you think conveying your personality through social media has helped your career?

I wouldn’t say it has had a direct effect on my career but it has allowed me to connect with my fans, share some of my favourite music with them and also share my opinion on current topics so maybe you could say that has allowed me to keep a strong, loyal fanbase? Who knows!

You've done your first two shows of your Radio 1 residency so far, what does doing this show mean to you and what can we expect from future episodes?

It’s pretty mental and such a huge honour to have a residency on Radio 1 - it’s the biggest radio station in the UK, it’s surreal. You can expect a lot more fun and a great mixture of disco, house and techno.

Do you have a go to track if the crowd isn't reacting the way you want them to?

At the moment it would have to be Waze & Odyssey’s upcoming release on my Edible label Down With Tha - it has been going off every time I play it.

Why do you think Bristol's been at the forefront of electronic music for so long?

The scene in Bristol is very diverse and has some of the best lineups in the country with a mixture of upcoming and established artists. There’s so many great clubs and bars with Lakota, Motion, The Love Inn and many more. Also, there’s a great deal of talent in Bristol including artists like Shanti Celeste and Joy Orbison.

Who are you excited to see at Nassau Festival?

I’m excited to catch up with Skream, Jackmaster, Tom Trago and Route 94 - hopefully we’ll all be able to hang out in between our sets. Also I hope I get to see Kerri Chandler play, such a legend.

What can we expect from your Nassau Festival set?

A lot of fun and a lot of good music - I just want to make the crowd dance and smile!

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