Exclusive: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike talk DLDK and a "Rare Bond" Between Brothers

Exclusive: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike talk DLDK and a "Rare Bond" Between Brothers

It wouldn't be unreasonable to describe brothers Dimitri and Michael Thivaios – better known as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – as a phenomenon. In the decade since their earliest work, they have amassed an enormous following of dedicated fans, scored countless chart hits across the globe, and earned themselves an admirable unofficial title: 'Kings of Tomorrowland'.

2017 is shaping up to be another busy year for the sibling superstars, and with an appearance at Don't Let Daddy Know Amsterdam on the horizon, we found a little bit about what they're expecting from the show.

What's more, they told us about the bond they share as brothers, and their feelings on the iconic Belgian festival held less than 10km from their place of birth.

Congratulations on the number one for ‘Hey Baby’. How does it feel to be top of the Belgian charts again?

Dimitri: Thank you. It feels great! We’re super happy with the support that the record has been receiving from the fans and the industry. Achieving a #1 in our home country is something special to us because these are the kind of goals we mapped out for ourselves in the very beginning.

You guys have now had twenty-six Top 50 singles in Belgium (the Beatles managed 33 in total). How much do records and stats like that mean to you?

Mike: Our passion is the music and the fans. We don’t concern ourselves too heavily with stats and records but of course when it happens it’s an amazing feeling. We’re very happy that our music affects people in a way that they support it like they do. You have to have goals and reach milestones to help guide you in aiming for your dreams but for us it’s always been about the music first and foremost.

On your social media, there are hoards of fans who want you to put out unreleased songs from three, four, or even five years ago. Is that something you ever consider, or do you try to only look forwards?

D: We actually do offer the fans tracks from our musical vault that might be from a recent set or even a few years ago. We did a big competition last year during Ibiza where fans could download for free several unreleased tracks. We are always looking forward when it comes to making music but from time-to-time we also love to give the fans some of the records that have been pushed to the back of our record box or studio archives.

What effect would you say making music and touring together has had on your relationship?

D: We’ve definitely become closer as brothers and friends because we spent so much time on the road together. When you perform with somebody on stage night after night you begin to develop a bond that’s very rare. We were already close because of our ties as brothers but to share the stage together has given us a strong bond which is very useful for when we’re in the studio making music.

Do you think being brothers gives you an advantage? Does it make it easier?

M: For us, yes, it seems to. We have a good working relationship which is healthy for us. We understand when the other person needs their space etc. It’s all about cooperation. Our whole team is a big family so it’s important that everyone, including ourselves, gets a long and believes in the goal and journey. And no one believes in our journey more than us and our manager.

What are you favourite and least favourite things about touring with one another?

D: Seeing the world with the people who mean the most to you in life is a truly a special blessing. There’s not really anything that we dislike, apart from delayed flights and luggage issues. We prefer to approach everything with a positive attitude.

M: When you’re on the road with a team, and your brother, you have to understand that everyone is a part of the trip. It’s key to ensure the balance is right so everything goes to plan.

You’re returning to Don’t Let Daddy Know to play the Amsterdam party in March. How are you looking forward to that?

D: We can’t wait! The DLDK parties are renowned with EDM fans and to play in Amsterdam for DLDK is always something special. It will be a crazy show and we are working on some very special tracks which the fans are going to love.

M: Expect nothing less than a wild night to remember!


In recent years DLDK has taken its brand all over the world – what do you think it takes for a party to transcend cultures and national borders in that way?

D: Dedication and lots of passion. You have to have a vision and be driven enough to follow through with that. 

M: As they say “music is a universal language” so what events like DLDK do so well is to bring that statement into reality and connect fans all around the world with incredible parties.

Have you ever considered doing something similar with the House of Madness nights – expanding them into a worldwide festival brand?

D: We have many ideas with our projects. Bringing the Madness is our tour brand which is what we’ve taken to other countries such as Mexico and Germany beyond our home of Belgium. For us it is important to continue keep it fresh and giving fans new experiences.

How do you feel about the ‘Kings of Tomorrowland’ label?

M: We’re very honored to be labelled that by the fans. It means a lot to us to be part of the Tomorrowland family and to perform there each summer, especially as we grew up in that area. 

It’s been nearly a decade of appearances at the festival now. Are there any moments that particularly stand out?

D: The mainstage never fails to deliver. It’s an experience unlike anything else which is something you truly have to sample to understand what we it is all about. Tomorrowland is a magical journey that for any DJ performing that is a very special occasion.

M: Playing Dreamville is always a part of the festival we love. It’s pretty wild in there! Oh and our B2B sessions for the Smash The House arena is something that is always a highlight of the festival for us!

Finally, what else does 2017 have in store for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike?

D: New music, new parties and a lot of travelling ahead. We’re still working on our album but for the moment we’re focusing on getting new music to the fans because we’ve got so much material lined up from a lot of studio time. Stay tuned!

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will play DLDK Amsterdam on 4 March (tickets & packages here) and Tomorrowland on 22, 23, 29 and 30 July (tickets & packages here).


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