Interview: Trance Duo Aly & Fila

Set to appear at this year's Trancefusion: Power Of The Elements, the Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila are always heavily in demand, with their euphoric sets bringing together trance fans new and old.

With not long to go to their headlining appearance, they caught up with Wouter Verhei from the Trancefusion team to discuss their set and more…

You guys have known each other since kindergarten. When did you decide to start to produce music together?

Fila was travelling Europe to Germany a lot in the mid–late 1990s and it's from there he would bring mixtapes and CDs back off Paul Van Dyk etc. We loved that sound and decided, "lets try".

You grew up in Egypt. Does this also influence your productions?

Every culture we visit inspires us and influences our music – Egypt plays a huge part of that. In our early releases you can see that we have Arabic influences in our music and the names of our tracks such as Eye of Horus and Spirit of Ka. We are very proud Egyptians and the concept of Egypt and its history plays a huge part in our career.

A lot of people know you as a duo. Can you explain why Aly doesn’t tour?

Around 6 years ago Aly was playing at an event and the monitors blew his ear, he couldn’t hear properly at all, we went to the doctor and he told us Aly could not be exposed to loud music at events [or be in a] DJ booth anymore, or he will lose his hearing in that ear.

When we are in the studio together we keep it as a special level where it does not affect his ear anymore.

In April 2 years ago you played at Trancefusion ‘A Dream Come True’ for the first time. What do you remember of that night?

Whenever we play in Czech Republic it is a such a great crowd – so much passion, and the event brings in clubbers from all over the globe to the event which is so cool. It was just a great event!

In just a few weeks you will back in Prague and play back to back with John O Callaghan. How did you guys come with this idea and how does it feel to share the decks with him?

Well we first did this at Godskitchen in 2012 and it worked so well, we are great friends and play similar styles so we bounce off each other in the DJ Booth. It works really well. We decided to do it on some special occasions, which we do.

Your most recent album Quiet Storm is an amazing success, congratulations with that. Are there any plans for a new album already?

Thank you very much. Yes we are close to completing our third artist album called ‘The Other Shore’ which will be released this summer. We are very happy with it so far, we are excited to release it.

This summer you will celebrate the 350th episode of Future Sound Of Egypt. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Last year we celebrated FSOE 300 with x 5 Events worldwide including Prague. This year we again take the celebration on the road, we have already announced Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, New York in USA, Lubiaz in Poland and Medellinin Colombia, and there is more to come.

If you would could organize an event yourselves and could choose any location at all on the planet, where would that be and why?

Free party in either Egypt or Argentina: Egypt as it's our home, Argentina because well if you haven’t experience clubbing there, you need to!

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