Markus Schulz: 8 Years of Themes and Memories from Transmission

Markus Schulz: 8 Years of Themes and Memories from Transmission

Transmission 2020

Transmission 2020

Prague, Czechia

For ten years, the name Markus Schulz has been deeply intertwined with Europe's foremost arena trance party. He has been there every step of the way, injecting Transmission with the kind of experience and creativity that few other DJ/producers can bring.

In an exclusive with Festicket Magazine, Schulz reflects on his favourites of the theme tracks he has produced for each edition. From where it all began in 2008, to the recently released The Lost Oracle ahead of this year's show, it has been a pretty spectacular journey so far.

The New World (2008)

MS: In many respects, this remains as my most important production to date, not just for the impact it had on building Transmission as a brand beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, but also casting a wider net for my own fanbase. It was an anthem which really connected me towards all of the eastern European countries, and that wide community is the backbone upon which Transmission stands today. It's the defining theme that I have to include in my Transmission sets every single year.

Digital Madness (2011)

MS: I still refer to this one as "the Transmission anthem with the vroom-vroom bassline", because it sounds like a car accelerating. Digital Madness is one of the harder, more techy anthems in the Transmission series, but it's always one that seems to creep into my sets every now and again. What I will always remember from that year's edition was Above & Beyond's kindness. My father was sick and he was determined to come see me perform at this show, wheelchair and all. Above & Beyond were in the midst of their Group Therapy tour, and their final song of the night was Eternal, with the message of "this one is for Markus' dad". I'll always be grateful to them for doing that.

The Spiritual Gateway (2012)

MS: This particular Transmission had quite a chain of events. It was originally scheduled for November 2012, but the Czech Republic had a very successful run in the Davis Cup tennis tournament that they made it to the final, and also were responsible for hosting it; meaning that they needed use of the O2 Arena. Unfortunately for us trance enthuiasts, tennis won on the occasion, but thankfully the event was rescheduled for January 2013. It has gone on to be one of the most fondly remembered anthems and themes, with Spiritual Gateway editions taking place in Bratislava in Melbourne.

The Creation (2015)

MS: Last year I decided to take on the challenge of a calendar-year long city series – dedicating a new instrumental production each month to a particular municipal or event. Prague was always going to be one of the chosen twelve due to the special affiliation towards the fans through Transmission, and in reflecting almost a year later, this ranks among the highest in terms of staying power in my sets today. I was delighted to bring the talents of Nifra on board too, and her experience of playing Transmission in her home country of Slovakia was important.

The Lost Oracle (2016)

MS: And here we are with the eighth anthem in all, and I hope it's one that will connect and touch the soul of everyone in the O2 Arena on Saturday October 29. It's not quite as hard-hitting and upfront as other Transmission themes, but my goal is that because of the tenderness and melancholic vibe, there will be a long-lasting personal attachment way beyond the night of the show itself. Transmission is one of the most important nights for the trancefamily and community to come together, and I cannot strongly encourage everyone out there to be part of the occasion. I can't wait to see you all.

Markus Schulz will play at Transmission 2016 at the Prague O2 Arena on Saturday 29 October. Tickets and packages are available below.

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