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Oxia on Garosnow, Diversions, and His New Album

Oxia on Garosnow, Diversions, and His New Album

Garosnow – Les Angles 2018

French DJ and producer Oxia has been part of the underground house and techno scene for the best part of 25 years, releasing music on iconic labels like 8bit Records, InFiné and as of 2016 his very own label Diversions Music.

Ahead of his appearance at Garosnow – Les Angles on 7th January, we asked him about what he's been up to in 2016, and what we can expect from him in the new year. 

2016 saw you launch your new label Diversions Music. How has that experience been so far?

Indeed. My longtime friend Nicolas Masseyeff and I decided about a year ago to create our own label and we eventually launched it in July.

The first release on Diversions was our joint venture Connivence EP; it was followed in October by Secret Point EP, a solo production by me.

I must say, it’s been really good so far and I’m thankful given the number of labels already present on the market. We’ve had very positive feedback…

The third release is planned for early 2017 and it will be Nicolas’ Turn To Sign EP.

We sign music from other artists as well because the label is not intended to release our music work only. For example Artslaves, the two Italian head honchos of the Moan imprint.

What’s your vision for the future of the label?

We don’t necessarily have a long-term vision for the moment; we just feel like releasing music we like, in which we believe…

We don’t have a fixed release agenda for the moment, we’re releasing music when we feel it’s the right time, when we have the tracks we really dig or when there are artists we really believe in/appreciate.


Any upcoming Diversions releases that we should look out for?

As mentioned previously the next release on Diversions will be Nicolas Masseyeff. The one after will be Artslaves. I think there will be a couple of remixes on that one too.

You released albums in 2004 and 2012, are there plans for another any time soon?

You bet! I’ve made two albums so it’s about time I do another one!

I already got a few tracks locked and I’m going to start working on new music for the album soon. I like my album to be ready and out by late 2017 … if possible!


At the beginning of 2017 you’re heading to Les Angles for Garosnow. Being from Grenoble you’re presumably quite at home on a ski resort?

It’s so cool to play Garosnow 2017. Well, Grenoble itself is not a ski resort itself.  The city is surrounded by mountains though and the nearest ski resort is about half an hour by car. You can’t actually ski in Grenoble itself.

Are you much of a skier yourself? (Do you get the time these days?)

I’m a bit ashamed to confess I haven’t skied in more than ten years even though the resorts are so close. My friends often go on weekends but that’s when I am touring of course. I do intend to go back one day. I used to ski a lot when I was in high school.


Does playing on a snowy mountain in winter change your set from one you might play in, say, Ibiza in the middle of summer?

Yes, I think it does make a difference. I see the people and myself in different mood than during summer time. But I think it’s mainly left to the vibe, according to the event’s atmosphere, and depending on the crowd’s reaction; I never really know or plan what I will play.

Garosnow – Les Angles takes place on 6-7 January 2017, book tickets & packages here and see our guide for more information.


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