Quarantine Q&A: Dom Dolla & Sonny Fodera

Quarantine Q&A: Dom Dolla & Sonny Fodera

As lockdown continues across the world, we find out how artists are coping with life in quarantine. Next up in our new series is house music pair Dom Dolla and Sonny Fodera, who recently released single 'Moving Blind' together. 

What has been your go to quarantine food or drink?

Dom: My favourite new discovery is eating frozen blueberries like they’re Maltesers. I've got a bad habit of eating anything and everything while sitting at my desk for hours on end. These have been a welcome healthy trade.

Sonny: I’ve been making loads of homemade fish & chips, with cod & tempura batter. Not very healthy but very tasty. Drinkswise, homemade iced coffees in this heat, with syrup, ice cream, everything.

Are you trying to learn any new talents?

Dom: I’ve been learning a few new synths inside out, and started running to reset my head when I've been cooped up too long. Also a strange one: fishing… I now love just chilling at the local pier waiting for a bite. If you’d told me that it would become a hobby of mine a year ago I would have laughed.

Sonny: I've learnt how to live stream DJ sets!

Any tips on staying calm and happy?

Dom: Exercise, mindfulness and plenty of sleep.

Sonny: Keep yourself busy.

What is one YouTube video you think everyone should watch?

Sonny: Michael Jordan documentary, it's unreal. Or my YouTube live stream in the garden.

Pick one album that you think everyone should listen to while in quarantine.

Dom: For me, a recent release would be my mate Cassian’s new album Laps. A huge body of work that's taken the last four years or so to put together, I couldn't be prouder.

Sonny: Kaytranada – Bubba.

Are you exercising more or less? If more, do you have any at home workout tips? 

Dom: More I think, I think whatever you do it's all about consistency. Just putting your shoes on and getting to the gym is the hardest part.

Sonny: I’ve been going for loads of forest walks, out amongst nature. It's great for your mind.

What is the first thing you want to do when life goes back to normal?

Dom: I think line up a bunch of shows and finally give these records I’ve been working on a solid test run. As great as they’ve been to connect with our audiences, live streams just ain't the same.

Sonny: Go to a pub beer garden, have a nice pint and watch a football game.


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