Quarantine Q&A: Andrea Oliva

Quarantine Q&A: Andrea Oliva

As lockdown continues across the world, we find out how artists are coping with life in quarantine. Next up in our new series is Swiss producer and DJ Andrea Oliva.

Who are you spending lockdown with and where?

Spent lockdown mainly with my studio, which has been a well needed partner. 

How's your cooking going?

Cooking relaxes me more than any wellness treatment. I try to stay healthy and cook by myself as much as I can. 

Are you trying to learn any new talents while in lockdown?

I have finally had time to read some manuals of my gear in the studio, just so I can gain more knowledge and improve my skills.

Pick a movie or show everyone should watch now.

Money Heist (Casa De Papel), Ozark or The Last Dance.

Are you working on new music? If so, what can you tell us about it?

It's all about working on new music in these times. I've worked on different remixes, originals, collaborations and finally had the chance to give a shape up to my upcoming label 'All I Need'.

Any tips on staying calm and happy?

Music is the answer. Everything about music makes me think, reflect and stay positive.

What is one YouTube video you think everyone should watch?

I go on YouTube to watch a lot of useful tutorials. When It comes to those kinds of things, it's the perfect platform to get quick visual access to a lot of information.

Pick one album that you think everyone should listen to while in quarantine.

Illmatic by Nas was on repeat during my workout sessions.

Are you exercising more or less? If more, do you have any at home workout tips?

Going out for a run as much as I can.

What is the first thing you want to do when life goes back to normal?

Play an all-night-long set and test all my new music, anywhere!

Listen to Andrea Oliva's latest EP 'Hey Ya' on Soundcloud.


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