Robin Schulz: "Playing at MAYDAY was just a dream come true"

Robin Schulz: "Playing at MAYDAY was just a dream come true"

From rising star to one of the most famous producer/DJs in the world: since the middle of last year, Robin Schulz has barely paused to take a breath. And with a first US tour under his belt, festival appearances galore and a new album out later in the year, 2015 looks like continuing at the same breakneck speed. We caught up with him ahead of his second appearance at the legendary MAYDAY Dortmund.

If you had to describe your sound in three words, what would they be?

Deep, melodic, danceable.

Who have your biggest influences been since you started DJ-ing at 14?

I think my parents. My dad was a DJ as well and my mom ran a club.

Life must have been crazy for you since last year!

Sometimes I am still speechless. It's unbelievable what can happen in only 12 months. I'm very happy and thankful that I can do what I do.

Your single Prayer In C was a remix of a song by Israeli-French duo Lily Wood & The Prick – how does it feel to know that your success has also been amazing for raising their profile?

I think it was good for both of us - how a collaboration should be!

For up-and-coming DJs, do you think it's best to put out remixes rather than focusing on your original material?

I already released a new single called Headlights and am working heavily on my new album with a lot of new originals. But I wouldn't have a problem doing a cover or remixing a big track which already exists.

What was it like playing MAYDAY for the first time last year?

Just a dream come true! Still one of my fave festivals.

Do you remember the first music festival you ever went to?

Of the bigger ones I think it was Nature One.

Is there one festival or venue in the world you would most love to play at?

I would love to play Burning Man, Coachella, and let me think… mm, for sure there are many festivals which I don't even know!

What is the best crowd you've ever played to?

There have been many, but my first US tour this year was very special…

How do you wind down after playing a set?

I can't wind down after playing a set! Hopefully I will learn this soon…

And finally, what are you most excited about for the year ahead?

My new album out in the autumn, my first really Ibiza-summer (I'm playing there 11 times), so many great festivals, more flying, more hangovers, less sleep… can't wait!

Catch Robin at MAYDAY, Kingsday Festival, Sea You Festival, Tomorrowland, Weekend Festival, Creamfields and Lollapalooza Berlin – all between now and September.


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