Rubin: "The influences of life are reflected in my music – joy, anger, love"

Rubin: "The influences of life are reflected in my music – joy, anger, love"

Zrce Spring Break Europe 2021

Rubin has been spinning his own take on old-school house since the late-90s. He's been around the German and European scenes for almost two decades, and we were lucky enough to catch up with him ahead of his appearance at Zrce Spring Break Croatia. He told us about his journey so far, what his music means to him and the DJs that inspire him…

You first started mixing in 1997, in your native Germany – who were the DJs that inspired you when you to take to the decks?

I started listening to Techno music in 1995 with a Techno sampler called D.Trance made by Gary D. That was my first inspiration, and many different influences followed in the 90s. In the course of time, my taste in music changed to “House music," and today I have many models and inspirations. Super Flu, Monkey Safari, Lexer, Nico Pusch, Richie Hawtin, Pan–Pot, Andhim.. something like this!


What was it like trying to become established in the world of house music? Any tips for aspiring DJs?

It’s very important to get your own style. It makes no sense to copy other DJs and their style. I listen to different kinds of music in every spare minute I have – when I like a track or a special sound, I try to convert it into my own style. So try to make your sound unique and memorable. Attempt to go your own way, and there will always be people who follow you and like what you are doing.

Your music adds a very soulful element to the classic house sound. Do you try to bring lots of influences into your mixes, or is it much more of a natural, instinctive thing?

Generally I like soulful and expressive music. However, it also always has something to do with my mood. So there is generally a progressive part in my sets. These are the influences of everyday life reflected in my music: joy, anger, stress, sadness, excitement, love, dislike… You find all of this in my sets!

What is your favourite type of festival to play at? Any stand-out festival memories?

I have many great festival memories! Generally I like open-air festivals: nice, warm weather, relaxed people dancing to my deep tunes… For me this is a perfect festival. And personally, I really like that too: the conditions and location to put people in a very special mood. Cheerful and full of atmosphere, celebrating together. I love it!

The Croatian festival scene has exploded in the last few years – what impact do you think this will have on European electronic music? Or what impact do you think it has already had?

Croatia is a very hospitable country. Beautiful weather, too. These are the perfect conditions for a perfect festival.
For this reason, I think Croatia can have many positive impacts on other countries as well. They should take a look at exactly what Croatia is doing right, and how it is making itself better.

And lastly, any message for fans at Zrce Spring Break?

Look forward to a great time, brilliant parties, pretty women, great weather, stunning open air clubs and awesome "boat parties". This is an experience you will never forget! I have a bag-full of my latest sounds for you, and will make you really hot at a brilliant party. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you there for a great and unforgettable festival. Come prepared to see what Zrce has to offer…!

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