New Music Monday: Muse, Modest Mouse & Death Grips

16 March 2015

Monday swaggers up armed to the brim this week as we welcome in a new album by Modest Mouse alongside tracks from Death Grips and festival veterans Muse. 

Muse - Reapers (Single)

Matt Bellamy and co. were busy rocking out in Belfast last night, wowing the crowd with a set that spanned their discography, but in a move that most bands would never dream of doing, Muse ended their set with a new tune off upcoming album 'Drones', and it went down a storm. Watch fan-footage of the riff-heavy song below. Luke Nightingale

You can catch Muse at a remarkable ten our festivals!

Modest Mouse – Strangers to Ourselves (Album)

Jaunty grit, moody vibrance and almost light-hearted melancholy: 'Strangers to Ourselves', Modest Mouse's first album since 2007, is testament that the band's strange and distinctive paradoxes are still alive and well. The whole record sounds a lot like you might expect it to, and it's brimming with stand-out moments. Good to know they've still got it, and great to know that their tour dates this year will pack a new punch. Joel Robertson

Catch them at Tinderbox, Calling Festival and more this summer.

Death Grips - On GP (Single)

Friday saw American hip-hop group Death Grips take another turn in their unpredictable existence when they shared online a track from their upcoming album 'Jenny Death'. The new song, called 'On GP', is obnoxious and punchy - as is standard with Death Grips - and the video is even weirder! Have a watch... Luke Nightingale

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