DGTL Amsterdam Releases its Mesmerising 2017 Aftermovie

DGTL Amsterdam Releases its Mesmerising 2017 Aftermovie

DGTL Amsterdam 2020

DGTL Amsterdam 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For anyone who follows these sorts of things, the release of a DGTL aftermovie is quite the occasion.

With the festival scene continuing to grow, more and more festivals are upping their game, investing time and money into short films that capture the atmosphere and ethos of their festival.

Sure shots of artists performing and happy people dancing never hurt, but with the vast majority of festivals putting out aftermovies these days, you have to do something more to convey your festival's experience. 

This is where DGTL really shines. Their aftermovies are not only visually and sonically stunning, but also thought provoking. Each year the festival series has a theme, and organisers use their trailers and aftermovies as a chance to explore them.

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This year's theme is Modularity. Of course, the modular synth is perhaps the most fundamental instrument in electronic music. But just as DGTL is about more than music, their aftermovie applies the concept to sustainability, economic theory and social cohesion.

Check it out below, but be forewarned, it will induce some serious fomo. 


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