DGTL Amsterdam Reveal Heart Racing New Aftermovie

DGTL Amsterdam Reveal Heart Racing New Aftermovie

One thing that festivals don't get enough credit for is carving out a whole new genre of film. Aftermovies may not be a festival exclusive, but they've certainly transformed the medium into a new cinematic staple.

Best Festival Aftermovie will be a new Oscar category by 2025, you heard it here first. And if this really does come to pass, DGTL will be a big reason why.

Putting out mind-bending films that convey the wild energy of their festivals for years, I can think of only a handful of other festivals that belong in the same conversation as the Dutch stalwart.

So of course whenever they put out an aftermovie, it's big festival news. Here to save your Tuesday from the mundane, DGTL Amsterdam's 2018 recap is finally here. Check it out below. 

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