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Elrow Bring Their Unique Party to Cardiff

Elrow Bring Their Unique Party to Cardiff

Elrow Town Outdoors Cardiff – Singer Morning 2017

Spanish club brand Elrow have been making waves across Europe for some years now. Whether it's at their spiritual home in Viladecans, their summer residency at Space in Ibiza or the many different venues and festivals they take over each year – you can be sure that whenever Elrow throw their doors open, it'll be a time of joyful exuberance and happiness.

Next May they'll be landing inside Cardiff's prestigious Cricket Ground for a daytime extravaganza that'll be filled with vibrant explosions of confetti, world-renowned production and zany performers. All soundtracked by Bristol-based house producer Eats Everything and Hot Creations favourite Patrick Topping.

Inspired by Spanish concept cantamañanas, Singer Morning perfectly encapsulates Elrow's core: bringing down barriers to create an atmosphere founded upon surprise, as well as a place where party-goers can be whoever they want to be.

Combining the theme will its popular Elrow Town concept – the brand's big-scale daytime events - this will be the first time they'll be bringing it to the UK. 

Elrow Town Outdoors Cardiff – Singer Morning will take place on Sunday 28th May 2017 at Cardiff's Cricket Ground.