Let It Roll 2018: The Aftermovie

Let It Roll 2019

Let It Roll 2019

Milovice, Czechia

Let It Roll 2018's aftermovie is here, reviving the fun, elation, and sheer drum and bass encountered over one summer weekend in the Czech Republic.

Despite squeezing every possible ounce of joyous fun experienced throughout the duration of a festival into an aftermovie, on most occasions, they just can't do the festival justice. Let It Roll 2018's aftermovie, however, is a sight to behold.

The drum and bass titan is renowned for it's bombastic, elaborate, and (most definitely) out-there opening ceremony, so check out the 15-minute long video below:

Let It Roll 2019 takes place 1-3 August next year. Book tickets and accommodation here, and for more info take a look at our guide.


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