Is This the Ultimate Festival Survival Kit?

Is This the Ultimate Festival Survival Kit?

In partnership with Full Circle

We all love festivals. I mean, you wouldn't be browsing Festicket if you didn't. What isn't so great though, is keeping fresh during what can at times be a challenging, muddy few days. We've all read the festival horror stories out there, you know, the ones involving a lack of loo roll and a gaping long drop below.

Let me introduce you to Full Circle. They've designed an eco-friendly festival survival kit designed to help users stay clean and fresh without adding an environmental burden. That means not only does their entire kit contain everything you need to stay fresh – antiperspirant, face wipes, toothpaste, hand gel, body wash and shampoo – it also leaves no environmental trace.

You may have read recently that over 60 UK festivals are pledging to scrap single-use plastic by 2021. The initiative is the work of The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF), which says it wants festival-goers to think about "re-use", not "single-use."

This year Glastonbury will not be selling any single-use plastic bottles on site, and is encouraging those attending to bring a reusable water bottle which they will be able to fill up for free. The festival revealed it sold more than a million single-use plastic bottles in 2017.

It's thought that more than eight million tonnes of plastic enters the world's oceans each year, harming wildlife and entering the food chain. The impact is therefore huge, and it's clearly refreshing to see festivals beginning to make concerted changes to help reduce their footprint. 

This sentiment is echoed by festival-goers, with a recent study finding that two thirds of festival-goers say that reducing their environmental impact is their number one priority this summer. 

It's not just plastic that Full Circle are looking to help tackle. Removing waste water known as "grey-water" at the end of the festival is a challenge for any organiser, and is something Full Circle are looking to help reduce by making their survival kit waterless, meaning no shower queues and the ability to stay clean from the comfort of your tent.

Full Circle was co-founded by keen festival-goer Amy Molony, who says she was "always a little disheartened at the amount of stuff that gets left in the field." 

"This is our way to do our bit to try and cut down on that - we’re proud of the fact we’ve sourced everything in the UK to save on carbon footprint and that everything is recyclable, reusable or biodegradable – right down to the packing peanuts which are made from GMO Free starch," she said.

We love Full Circle's survival kit so much that we've partnered with them to offer you an exclusive 20% discount on their eco-hygiene packs. Just click the link here and enter the code 'Festicket' at checkout to receive your discount. Offer ends midnight on Sunday 7th July.

What's more, we'll also be adding Full Circle's kits as extras in our festival packages, so keep an eye out for them when you're booking your next festival.

You can find out more about Full Circle on their website, and here's just one of the many five star reviews their packs have received:

"Don’t mistake this for a ‘do good, eco purchase’, the products are top notch. The deodorant works - all day long, pleasant fragrance and no nasty itching. The anti-bac was gold dust, I used my pack at Glastonbury and you don’t want to be there without it! The bamboo toothbrush and paste were good and the face wipes were nice and refreshing. Reusable canisters is really smart too. This is a great product which does good for the environment - what’s not to love!" Andrew Acton.


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