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We've Partnered with the Good Night Out Campaign to Help Reduce Harassment at Festivals

We are pleased to announced our partnership with the Good Night Out Campaign to help reduce harassment at festivals. 

As many festival-goers will know, harassment has become far too common at festivals, with as many as one in five (22%) festival goers, rising to 30% of women, having experienced some form of unwanted sexual behaviour at a UK festival.

That is unacceptable, which is why we've partnered with the Good Night Out Campaign to spread awareness and safety advice to our festival community. You can read our guide on how to stay safe at a festival here.

Bryony Beynon, co-founder and co-director of Good Night Out said: "Good Night Out Campaign supports festivals and licensed premises around the world to implement better response and prevention policies. We are very excited to be working with Festicket to spread our message that planning your festival experience should be simple and hassle-free, and should never involve worrying about sexual harassment or assault."

Festicket co-founder and CEO Zack Sabban said: "We are big festival fans and we always look at ways to help make the festival experience a positive and fun one. We are pleased to work alongside this fantastic organisation to spread their message to help combat sexual harassment and unwanted attention at music festivals.

"Unfortunately, there are a few individuals that can ruin the festival experience and we want to help eliminate that. We will be taking a Good Night Out’s professional advice on what measures we can take and what positive advice we can share to our festival goers. Our collaboration aims to support a positive and safe-for-all festival environment."

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