Why We're Supporting 'The Show Must Be Paused'

Why We're Supporting 'The Show Must Be Paused'

Following the horrific circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd in police custody on 25th May, we, like many others, were harrowed at the depressing fact that it all felt too familiar. 

Racism and violence towards black people has become so ingrained within society, in the US and globally, that scenes such as those on the 25th May are only the most overt. Racism exists up and down society, from the boardrooms to our streets. This is not only about the deplorable actions of one policeman, but our shameful inertia that has gone on for too long.

The Show Must Be Paused initiative was started by two black women in music to hold the industry to account, and to pressure them to protect and empower the black communities that the entire industry relies so heavily on.

In support of this, we're suspending all publishing on our magazine and social media, as well as marketing emails, for the duration of Tuesday 2nd June. 

We stand together with the black community, now, and beyond the next 24 hours.


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