Into the Woods Festival 2016: Ticket Announcement

3 June 2016

Into the Woods have announced that tickets for their 2016 festival will go on sale on Tuesday 7th June at exactly 20:16 (19:16 UK time) and given that previous editions have sold out in lightning quick time, it's worth signing up for priority access.

Now in its seventh year, the Dutch woodland celebration of cutting-edge electronic music has developed a real following and identity based around the immersive experience of losing yourself in nature, at a festival where 'anything goes'. And this year's lineup is testament to that growing reputation – with hugely respected underground producers The Black Madonna, Guti, Prosumer, Mano Le Tough and Glenn Astro making their way to the enchanted forests of Amersfoort.

Just a glance at pictures from previous editions is enough to understand what this festival is all about, with beautifully artistic staging and lighting complementing the stunning natural surroundings. 

So set a reminder on your phone, write it on your hand, whatever it takes for you to remember – 20:16 on Tuesday 7th June, tickets go on sale.

– Sign up for priority access here

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