The Best Tracks of 2019

The Best Tracks of 2019

"Another year older, another year wiser" is often a phrase bandied about this time of year. Upon post-Christmas reflection, again falling foul of excessive alcohol, cheese, and chocolate consumption, only the first half of the phrase rings true with many, us included. 

But, to alleviate said lack of wisdom accrued (due to the potential brain cells destroyed/weight gained as a result of port and lactose overload. Some people never learn.....), we've collated the best sounds released this year from across the music spectrum so you can step into the new decade at least knowing that 2019 was another outstanding candidate for the decade's strongest year in terms of new music.

There's some contemporary pop masterpieces, indie ingenuity, rap and hip hop originality, infectious electronic anthems, as well as a smattering of jazz and soul to compound a playlist of 100 tracks we felt encapsulated this year's best releases. 

So whether you shuffle or play systematically from top to bottom, we're 'quietly confident' (i.e very smug) that you'll be in agreement. Enjoy:




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