Epizode 2020: A DJ's Guide to Bangkok

Epizode 2020: A DJ's Guide to Bangkok

Epizode 4

Epizode 4

Phú Quốc, Vietnam

A passionate producer and a crate digger with a knack for unearthing psychedelic sounds, Sunju Hargun has been picking up somewhat of a cult following back in his hometown of Bangkok where he runs the popular Karma Klique events. 

Of Indian descent but born in Thailand, Sunju continues to connect with his Asian roots and has evolved though the experience of production over the years, thanks to support from artists such as Beesmunt Soundsystem, Manfredas, Jennifer Cardini and many more.

Ahead of his appearance at Vietnam's much-loved Epizode Festival this December, we sat down for a brief chat with Sunju as he talked us through his favourite spots to hang out in in his adopted hometown of Bangkok.

Favourite club or bar?

Currently in Bangkok, it's all about intimate bars and clubs that serve quality music for a capacity of around 100 to 150. There are a few venues like 12x12, De Commune and Beam that I highly respect due to their selection and programming, and I also really enjoy playing at them because as a DJ it gives me an opportunity to dig deeper into the hidden corners of my collection and bring out music to a slightly smaller crowd

Studio Lam

This place is by far one of my favourites. An intimate, cozy spot with wooden interior and a warm atmosphere. It's run by the mastermind Maft Sai, an artist known for making unique music that mixes traditional Thai music with ethnic music, funk and other genres. This venue has gained its respect over the years thanks to their high quality and open-minded programming paired together with a customised Altec sound system – complete with vintage horn speakers – that gives the music a tight, punchy sound. 

Favourite restaurant?

Soul Food Mahanakorn

If you’re visiting Bangkok, this restaurant is a must, and by far one of my favourite places to bring guests or artists visiting the land of smiles. A cozy environment, packed with mouthwatering dishes. Signatures and my favourite picks would be the sticky tamarind ribs, pork belly curry, crispy sea bass with Thai basil and green pepper, and smoked duck with red curry and rambutan. Your soul belly will be smiling when leaving this place.

Favourite record store?

The record stores I visit from time to time are mainly focused around a variety of world sounds that were either made or released within the areas touched or bordered by these transport links, between 1970-present. No specific genres but one can get lost and find themselves digging through an extremely rare collection of bands and solo artists.

Zudrangma Records

Run by DJ Maft Sai, a founding member of the Paradise Bangkok (with Chris Menist) and club and bar next door Studio Lam, the outlet has been an institution in opening many ears to local music for the first time. Formerly labelled as “country music”, Molam and Luk Thung have also made a big impact around the world in many festivals. The space is tucked in a small street with a few cafes nearby and it's simply just a great hangout spot as while listening to records you may be lucky to run into the owner who is an extremely wonderful host. They also sell some cool merchandise, so it's guaranteed you will not be walking out of the store with just records.

Bungkumhouse Records

The first time I visited this store was when my good friend Ralf (aka Aera) was in town in 2018. We stumbled across this small shop on the 4th floor of an artsy building not too far away from my home. Firstly, I was really impressed by the store's location, followed by the owner's knowledge and taste in music. Everything from contemporary Japanese records to even a wide range of pop, jazz, soul, funk and R&B. The store carries a bit of everything in the electronic music section including second hand classics from labels such as Warp, Apollo, Strictly Rhythm and Traxx records. It's an enjoyable dig and its cozy environment will keep you locked in for a few hours.

Sunju Hargun plays Epizode Festival, taking place from 27th December to 7th January. Find out more on our guide, and book your trip to this year's festival here.


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