The Most Anticipated Band Reunions of 2020

The Most Anticipated Band Reunions of 2020

Abhorrent hairspray enthusiasts Mötley Crüe finally/thankfully decided to call it a day back in 2015, signing a cessation-of-touring contract to deny any of the original members from being able to tour together ever again. Anyone who wasn't a teenage narcissist during the 80's breathed a huge sigh of relief.

But, in a cynical, money-grabbing, vomit-inducing act of 'defiance', Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, and the other one decided to detonate their contract in order to reunite this year. I guess some people just cannot be trusted. 

Of course, there are rumours galore surrounding artists that will literally never get back together, but even the tiniest morsels of hope can keep us awake at night; if even The Kinks' vitriolic Davies brother can reconcile, then the slightest of hope remains for the rest.

There's a surprising number of fully confirmed reunions to take place next year however, so here are the comeback kids potentially making the rounds at a major festival near you in 2020: 

Rage Against The Machine


Splitting for the second time in 2011, after a four-year stint in which they secured a Christmas No.1 in the UK with expletive-friendly 'Killing In The Name Of' (makes me chuckle, even now), the politically-charged rap-rock pioneers decided to focus on other projects.

Unexpectedly, a reunion tour next year was confirmed in November, with RATM unofficially confirming themselves to headline Coachella, which has yet to be officially confirmed, of course. Good to see they're stuck in their disobedient ways. 


Faith No More


Another classic rock-crossover band reuniting for a second time is cult-favourite Faith No More, preceded by a typically humorous announcement: “Five years, four colonoscopies, two root canals and a handful of prostate exams tell us that it’s time to carpe diem our asses back to Europe asap,” the group explained in an irreverent statement.

The 'Faith No More Tour' takes place next year with festival appearances at Mad Cool Festival, Hellfest, NOS Alive'20, and Tuska Open Air, hinting at their final curtain. Still, you never know do you.


Bikini Kill


Having played a couple of reunion shows earlier this year in LA and New York, expectation was rampant to get riot grrl, fem-punk trailblazers Bikini Kill touring again.

Well, they answered the call, being revealed as one of the first batch of artists to play Primavera Sound in Barcelona next year, as well as appearances at OFF Festival and Øyafestivalen in both Poland and Norway. Feminism has never been more fiery.



My Chemical Romance


It's well-known that cultural trends generally abide by the 20-year cycle, so surely it's slightly premature for emo to make a comeback?

My Chemical Romance, deities of the quasi-religious subculture, pledge to have angsty teenagers moping and weeping once again revealing their reunion for next year in typically theatrical fashion on Halloween this year. Does a Reading headline set beckon? 




Though regularly, and somewhat unfairly, lumbered in with the 'Britpop' tag due to chipper lark of a song 'Alright', Supergrass exceeded any stereotypes with an eclectic and often emotive output until they called it a day nearly a decade ago.

Announcing their reunion in the form of a secret show at London's Oslo Hackney venue, further shows were added due to an overwhelming response to seeing the Oxford boys back together. They're one of a handful of artists to have been unofficially added to next year's Glastonbury lineup as well as having been confirmed for both Isle Of Wight Festival and Bilbao BBK Live, with numerous festival appearances expected to form part of their comeback tour. 


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