New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

We're back with out top picks of the week's best new music. This week's New Music Friday is dedicated to the memory of Cassius' Philippe Zdar, who tragically passed away early this week. Their new album Dreems is released today and quite frankly is a belter, and is sure to be played on rotation this weekend.

Find the playlist below along with some words on our favourites. 

Cassius – Dreems

The release of the new Cassius record comes amidst heartbreaking and somber circumstances. Earlier this week, Phillips Zdar – one half of the Parisian duo – tragically lost his life. In the days that have passed since, there has been an outpouring of love from across the music world; Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, Skream, The Black Madonna, Jehnny Beth, Alex Kapranos, Hot Chip, Phoenix and more all showing a huge affection for the producer who was a pioneering force for the French house scene and a beloved figure in the wider music world for more than two decades.

The new album – entitled Dreems – bears all the hallmarks of the glossy production, infectious groove, and unabashed joie de vivre that has characterised so much of the musical output of Cassius and their contemporaries. And while the record will always be associated with the tragedy of Zdar’s untimely death, it is marvellous reminder of abundant talent that he had to offer. JK

Georgia Ann Muldrow – VWETO II

Perhaps a surprise given the critical momentum gathered from the release of last year’s Overload, VWETO II exhibits Muldrow’s mind-bending prowess as a producer, opposed to the bombastic beacon of strength and wisdom we’ve grown accustomed to.

With the absence of vocals, it lacks the bolshy, politicised sentiments of her established work, from which the shamefully relevant motifs of outspoken civil rights activists like Nina Simone lend themselves to. In lieu of statements, however, the album embodies on an altogether fresher but oddly familiar form. It’s her cosmic interpretation of the heritage of soul, funk, hip hop, and jazz, embedded and evident throughout her discography, with decades of street-wise, impactful sounds still proving to be a rich and retrospective source of inspiration.

VWETO II feels more like a cathartic burst of her creative overflow rather than off-cuts and demos that she fancied idly releasing, but Muldrow, already renowned for her constant output, most likely has another astral destination in the pipeline. TC

Caroline Polachek – 'Door'

As she proved across three records with Aaron Pfenning in Chairlift, Caroline Polachek has one of the must gifted, unusual but underrated voices in pop. On 'Door', her first solo offering post-Chairlift, Polachek reinforces in the beguiling and dreamiest of ways. Subtly psychedelic as she loses herself in the loop of "To another door, to another door, to another door", her vocals drift and spiral from heavy and grounding to the softest, ethereal falsettos. JB


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