New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

The discerning new music fan may have noticed the absence of Festicket's New Music Friday roundup last week whilst we were away at Best Kept Secret, but we're back aplomb with a playlist of the week's strongest musical output.

In today's playlist there's new material from the Norwegian pop enigma Aurora, dark-indie hero (Sandy) Alex G, plus new tracks from Jay Som, Roisin Murphy and of course Jai Paul. Check the playlist below plus some words on our favourites. 


Aurora – A Different Kind Of Human – Step Two

On the cover of both chapters of A Different Kind of Human, the enigmatic pop star Aurora is covered in earthy red tribal paint at odds with her cold, pale aesthetic. A certain tribalism exists throughout both records in its percussive elements and lyrical interest in connecting with nature.

But on Step 2, released today, the Norwegian artists hands face outward, like she’s releasing an energy that was before insular. The effect is noticeable from the start, with the euphoric vocal blasts and arpeggiated synths of ‘The River’ gushing like a torrent: “Like a bird in the night, your emotions deserve to be freed”.

Nature, and particularly the cost of humanity's impact on it is at the core of this record, delivered with classy pop energy and characteristically haunting vocals. JB

Jay Som – 'Superbike' 

Although it was Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy garnering the critical acclaim last year for their admittedly great debut records, for my money Jay Som is still the high watermark for that brand of dreamy bedroom pop that unites their respective sounds (and that of many others). 2017’s Everybody Works was an absolute delight, and the steady-if-sparse steam of singles since then have all served to further the appeal of Melina Duterte’s musical project (save for the slightly lacklustre collaborative EP with Justus Profitt, if we’re being completely honest).

Now, with the release of the characteristically luscious and warm single ‘Superbike’, we have confirmation that a new album is on its way – Anak Ko scheduled for a late-August release. And I for one can’t wait to hear it. JK

Ty Segall – 'Taste' 

Ty is back: though considering he seems to be ‘back’ each quarter with some form of new project or incarnation if his scuzzy, retro trappings, it’s not really much of a surprise. What is a surprise, however, is the densely layered licks and polished vocal, suggesting a more methodic approach to the writing/recording process, rather than the lo-fi, hi-ferocity garage rock that he’s perfected and pushed over some years. ‘Taste’ still harnesses that feral, combustible force, but he evidently has his sights on larger audiences and larger venues. And that’s totally cool, as it’s Ty. TC


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