New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

Happy Friday! In today's New Music Friday playlist we've got a particularly special mix of new singles from the likes of Tame Impala, Moon King, Fat White Family, topped off with the awaited release of full lengths from Jenny Lewis, Flume, Jayda G and Ibibio Sound Machine. 

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Jenny Lewis – On The Line

With her beehive hairdo and glamorous jumpsuits that reminisce somewhere between Elvis and Stevie Nicks, Los Angeles' Jenny Lewis is the picture of a bedazzled 70s icon. But on her fourth solo album On The Line, the songwriter reveals the depth that undermines this spectacle elevenfold. 

Though haunted by a troubled relationship with her late mother and estranged father and a not so simple childhood (Lewis was successful child actor, which may explain the sentiment behind 'Wasted Youth'), Lewis manages to form a delicate weave of pain and happiness in a kind of timeless way. Though there's a strong 70s West Coast pop-rock feel with a deep, roomy production (and even a cameo from Ringo Star), Lewis avoids pastiche by powerfully owning her own spotlight. JB 


Tame Impala – 'Patience'

Four long years it’s been since Currents launched Kevin Parker to the cosmic heights of universal acclaim. As disciples of Tame Impala’s hallucinatory psych-pop grew, so did anticipation; Parker’s meticulous attention to detail is well-documented, but, how long would it be before he let his creations fly the nest?

Well, today is that day, after new music was expected after Coachella, Primavera Sound, and Glastonbury slots were revealed. A nod to the bubbling apprehension about Tame Impala’s new direction, ‘Patience’ flows from the rhythmic palette of Currents whilst expanding on the album’s dancier facets. A breezy, psychedelic-disco romp, the thumbed bass and fanciful synths on ‘Patience’ evoke a range of imagery; crystalline poolside lounging, the excitement of balmy summer nights, but emphatically, a blissful, wavy melody ripe for festival headline slots.

Strong shout for the song of your summer festivals. There, I’ve said it. TC

Flume – Hi This Is Flume

Flume is one of those rare breeds of big-name electronic music producers. He sits comfortably at the top of the very biggest lineups (see the latest Lollapalooza announcement) and has featured on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list (despite not being a DJ at all), and yet his music doesn’t actively make you want to remove sensory-receptive body parts.

With this latest surprise mixtape, he has demonstrated again that he is someone who wants to explore new sounds and ideas, collaborating with some of the most interesting and undefinable acts from across the genre spectrum – JPEGMAFIA, Slowthai, SOPHIE.

Whether it’s the sheen of his maximalist and wonky trap production on tracks like ‘Ecdysis’ and ‘High Beams’, the amped-up Timbaland stylings of ‘MUD’, the SOPHIE-inspired ‘Amber’, or the more understated sounds of the Four Tet-esque ‘Dreamtime’, the Aussie producer has proved once again that he has a versatility, creativity, and boldness that is lacking in a lot of the biggest names at the top of the electronic music world. JK

Ibibio Sound Machine - Doko Mien

London-born Nigerian frontwoman Eno Williams has snatched the baton of groove-dense experimentalism from Parliament/Funkadelic’s George Clinton. The eight-piece ensemble seamlessly layers disco, electro-punk, soul, West African-funk, jazz and gospel balladry into a smile-inducing, shoulder-shimmying collection of dance anthems, led by the exuberant Williams. Her intriguing vocals flirt between boisterous riot-girl inflexions, belly-aching soul, and empowered sass, sewing each panel of the multi-cultural, multi-dimensional tapestry together on Doko Mien.

Having honed their mishmash of influences with chunky arpeggio synths, organic wah-wah, and crackling drum beats, Ibibio Sound Machine is the kind of borderless sonic celebration to resonate in the modern, diverse world of mainstream pop. TC

Hannah Cohen – 'Wasting My Time'

Though the last proper peep we heard from Bella Union's hidden gem Hannah Cohen was back in 2015, her return has been in earnest and her boldest and most exciting material yet, with the release of single 'This Is Your Life' back in February and today its follow-up 'Wasting My Time'.

Opening on impactful, dramatic synths, the latter track has a much colder feel than the hazy radiance of the former, though both provide more than suitable ground for Cohen's melodies and harmonies to dance together enthusiastically. Produced by her partner and Saddle Creek maestro Sam Evian, there's an added sense of meaningful collaboration at work. JB

Tame Impala play a long list of festivals this summer, from Lollapalooza to Lowlands – click here for the full list and find your new favourite festival. 


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