Tomorrowland 2019: 5 Mixes to Get You Rave-Ready

Tomorrowland 2019: 5 Mixes to Get You Rave-Ready

Tomorrowland 2021

Tomorrowland 2021

Boom, België

Tomorrowland is EDM's mecca. As such every ambitious DJ's goal is to get on the festival's illustrious lineup. Of course the biggest names get a lot of the attention, but the thing that makes Tomorrowland so great (apart from the unmatched and insanely detailed stage production) is that it does a great job representing all electronic genres.

In honour the Weekend One getting underway today in earnest and in celebration of yet another expertly curated and varied lineup, we decided our normal approach to mixes wasn't enough for the occasion.

Instead of picking 5 mixes across any genres, we've decided to break it down per genre. So here are our picks for the best mix from an EDM, House, Techno, Electro and Trance artist. 

EDM - Martin Garrix


There's no bigger stage than Tomorrowland's MainStage, and there's no bigger DJ than Martin Garrix. To get a proper idea of what to expect from the World Number One DJ's Weekend One set you can really only look to his previous sets from Tomorrowland. Nothing else matches the energy and grandeur. And if this headline set from last year is any indication, things are going to get a little crazy. 

House - Carl Cox


Carl Cox is perhaps the most respected DJ in electronic music history. He can play any kind of music for any amount of time, so don't go in expecting to hear strictly house.  That being said, no one else on the Tomorrowland 2019 lineup can match the British legend's expertise in the genre. This will be one of the best sets of the weekend. 


Techno - Stephan Bodzin


Sure there are more straight ahead techno DJs on the bill, and certainly heavier ones, but something about Stephan Bodzin's silvery, groovy take on electronic music's darker side hits you right in the hips like few others. 

Trance - Above & Beyond


Trance is back. And has been for a few years now. The cerebrally euphoric genre laid the foundation for what became contemporary EDM and fits in perfectly at the visually stunning Tomorrowland. Above & Beyond have risen to heights few electronic artists have and at this point are some of the more seasoned vets you're going to find on this year's lineup. Do yourself a favour and catch these experts at work. 

Electro - Helena Hauff


The queen of modern Electro, Helena Hauff is one of the leading lights of the new wave of underground electronic acts. Her unrelenting sets are powerful displays of sonic expertise that need to be experienced to be believed. Fair warning though, you don't stand a chance to leave with your brain intact.


Tomorrowland 2019 takes place 19-21 & 26-28 July in Boom, Belgium. Find more info on our Tomorrowland guide.


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