We Love Green 2019: Beyond The Headliners

We Love Green 2019: Beyond The Headliners

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Parijs, Frankrijk

With its strong mix of alternative artists riding the wave of the undercurrent and acts that have rightfully (and in some cases) long-established their place to the top of festival bills, We Love Green sits firmly in its own niche within the Paris festival scene –somewhere in between Pitchfork and Lollapalooza. Born in 2011, the festival quickly gained renown for its astute and culturally relevant lineup and its commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable practice, from which it takes its name. 

This summer the seemingly universally adored Tame Impala, French rap legend Booba, Atlanta trap star Future and the identity-shifting wonder Christine and the Queens top the bill alongside notable names such as Erykah Badu, Vald, Metronomy, FKA Twigs and Rosalía. But the festival is rich in talent on all levels, and as a helpful guide and starting point we've put together a few names further down the lineup who shouldn't be missed.

Malik Djoudi

Though no stranger to the French festival circuit, already performing at the likes of Francofolies, Pete The Monkey, MIDI Festival, and Rock en Seine, Poitiers-born Malik Djoudi is still very much on the rise, particularly with the release of his second full-length Tempéraments about to drop.  

In a distinctly French style of electro, Djoudi layers his ghostly falsettos above his cutting and arpeggiating synths that come together emotively and drive with a dramatic pulse. 


Last year for Vogue magazine Naomi Campbell selected 26-year-old Funmi Ohiosumah as one of ten women changing the future, but with her punching delivery and fiercely intelligent lyricism, the south London rapper who goes under the name Flohio hardly relies on celebrity endorsements. 

There's this pent up energy within Flohio that seems desperate to expunge of its own accord with her delivery, like the bars that she spits might be her last, and mixed with her starkly off-kilter, industrial and often dark production, it makes for an exhausting immersive live experience in only the best way. Check out 'Watchout' for just a taste of what her Sunday performance might entail. 

Toro Y Moi

Though no doubt already adored by many, North Carolina's Chaz Bear is a genius of protean, dead-pan and well-dressed form that deserves continuing favour. Each of his records has taken on a different style and aesthetic that has reflected his interest at the time, culminating in the most recent full-length Outer Peace, which melded groovy pop bangers with lo-key trap. Though it may not have been to the taste to fans of his early chill-wave or 70s rock releases, it seems to have given him his biggest push to the fore, so make sure to pay attention. 

Yves Tumor 

Speaking of liquid energy and identity, Miami producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Bowie has expressed himself through various guises throughout his musical pursuits, before moving to Europe and, for now at least, finding fulfilment as Yves Tumor.

His music flits mesmerisingly between sounds to the point where it seems to actively rebel against categorisation, but seems to have culminated most coherently in 2018's Safe In The Hands of Love, an all-encompassing work of artful musicianship that seems exultant about life but is also disorientating and at times intensely dark.

Though Tumor has performed solo with instrumentals in the past, his Saturday set will see him perform with a full band and seek to translate this phenomenon into a live context. 

Johan Papaconstantino 

A bit of a curveball, Parisian Johan Papaconstantino makes wobbly electro bangers with explicit references to his Greek heritage. His impressive vocal control trills and noodles like his electric guitar above bubbly off-beat rhythms, and his live shows have already gained renown amongst Paris. It's sure to be a lot of fun. 

We Love Green takes place in Bois de Vincennes from 1-2 June 2019.



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