Weather Festival B2B We Love Green: A Whole New Parisian Festival Experience

Weather Festival B2B We Love Green: A Whole New Parisian Festival Experience

Kept apart by 16km of high-density city, and by a pair of far-reaching lineups that represent two separate niches in the genre spectrum: Weather Festival and We Love Green may not seem like natural companion festivals.

But Paris will host both of them across the weekend of 3-5 June, and anyone with an eclectic taste – or just a well-tuned sense of adventure – is in luck.

Festicket has proudly announced an exclusive, all-new 'Weekend W' pass, giving fans easy entrance to both festivals.

We took a look at both lineups, and came up with our picks of artists that could help tempt fans of one festival to the other. So for techno fans taking the plunge and heading to We Love Green, the Techno Route should get you on your way; while for indie fans wondering if they'll find anything they like at Weather Festival, the Indie Route is here to help.

For those who are anything like me, and asking themselves if the transport between the two venues is going to be a nightmare, fear not: our travel section has got you covered.

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The Techno Route

(Weather Festival fans at We Love Green)

Saturday 4th June, We Love Green 2016

LCD Soundsystem: New York's dance-pop heroes are back in town for the first time since 2010. Expect a buoyed up audience and a high-tempo, visceral performance.

Floating Points [live]: Introverted and all about the detail, Floating Points' debut album has cemented his reputation for precision and melody. Not one to dance to, but you'll get lost in the soundscape.

Acid Pauli: A child of the 70s, Martin Gretschmann is not afraid to blend acoustic instruments with his open, rhythmic sound. It's on the light-touch end of techno.

Sunday 6th June, We Love Green 2016

Diplo: He may have come a long way since his techno-leaning days, but Diplo remains a very talented producer who is not afraid to throw in a few of his early tracks into festival sets.

Âme: For any techno fan, Âme needs no introduction. Ranked at #9 on RA's Top 100 DJs 2015 poll, Kristian Beyer crafts and carries a mood in a way that few others can.

Fatima Yamaha [live]: Bas Bron's brand of Detroit electro infuses a sweet melancholy with a distinctly playful edge. The result is a soothing and immersive sound that is perfect for a summer festival evening.

Superpoze [live]: A moving, personal take on electro gives Superpoze a unique on-stage character.


The Indie Route

(We Love Green fans at Weather Festival)

Friday 3rd June, Weather Festival 2016

Adam Beyer B2B Ida Engberg: Adam and Ida have become one of house and techno music's most high-profile couples. But playing together? There aren't many who can make music alongside their nearest and dearest, but these two show it can bring an intimate and sensitive feel to B2B sets.

Dixon: Melody and composition are at the heart of everything Dixon does. He may be the most popular underground DJ in the world right now, but he's arguably also one of the most accessible.

Einka: Tight, driving beats and a rounded bass sound are hallmarks of Einka's distinctive style. Make sure you're feeling energetic.

Henrik Schwarz [live]: Gliding through landscapes one minute, and zeroing in on digital glitches the next, Henrik Schwarz is a real chameleon of a producer. Chances are, you'll find something you like.

Tuskegee: Seth Troxler and the Martinez Brothers, representing their "label of cultural heritage", Tuskegee Music, are on a mission to see the roots of dance music cherished and celebrated. Vinyl-only sets give a vivid warmth to their live collaborative sets.

Saturday 4th June, Weather Festival 2016

Motor City Drum Ensemble: Grooving his way through sets with his own take on hair-down funk, Danilo Plessow weaves samples and cuts through the heart of more classic house and techno beats.

The Black Madonna: As the stage name might suggest, The Black Madonna is a self-professed "riot girl of dance music." Disco, techno and everything in between form the backbone to her live vinyl sets, and for sheer force of personality it's always one worth seeing.


Travel: Getting from venue to venue

Weather Festival running times: Friday 20:00–08:00; Saturday 12:00–10:00; Sunday 12:00–00:00

We Love Green running times: Saturday 13:00–02:00; Sunday 13:00-01:00

We Love Green, down at the beautiful Bois de Vincennes south-east of the city centre, is best served by the RER line A from Vincennes station – located north of the park. There will be festival shuttle buses from the site to Vincennes station. The journey into Châtelet les Halles takes 9 minutes. The last train is at 00:58 Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings, with the first trains of the day starting after 05:00.

Change at Châtelet les Halles station for the RER line B, which runs direct to Le Bourget. The journey takes 13 minutes. From there, the Parc des Expositions is a short walk away.

When doing the journey in reverse, the last trains from Le Bourget towards Châtelet les Halles are at 01:01, with the first services of the day starting after 05:00.


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