New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

New Music Fridays: Festicket Staff Picks

It's Friday, which means we've been up since 6AM scouring for the most gripping of new music released today and throughout the week. What? We have!

Easing you into the weekend this time round we have the incorrigibly funky Parcels, Oklahoma scuzzy garage outfit Broncho, a meditative vocal performance from Miya Folick, some tropical trap from Kodak Black and more. As always you can find our playlist and some words on our particular favourites below. 

Parcels – Parcels

There is something effortlessly likeable about these five debonair friends from Australia who make 70s disco-influenced pop music under the name Parcels, and it made their lightning rise over the past year all the more worthy.

Though the group moved to Berlin three years ago, the spiritual home of their retro sound is better suited to France, and it was at their first show in Paris where their je ne sais qoui charmed the notoriously elusive Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and would lead which would lead to a Daft Punk collaboration on ‘Overnight’ in 2017.

But that Parcels should omit the single from their awaited self-titled debut is a testament to both the group’s determination to achieve off their own bat and their ability to do so. Daft Punk’s influence is still there as it always has been, but melded into Parcels' own distinctive sense of groove, humour and rhythm. The jumpstarting ‘Lightenup’ is an early highlight that keeps it word; ‘Exotica’ even has the lush orchestration and melodies of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac (you know, when despite all the cocaine and sexual tension they could still just about get on as a happy family and not sue each other?); the closing ‘Bemyself’ is tinged with a gorgeous 60s psychedelia, whilst ‘Credits’, featuring Berlin-based rapper Dean Dawson, is as innovative take on album liner notes and worth a listen in itself. JB


Broncho – Bad Behaviour 

At risk of becoming a Vampire Weekend knockoff after the popularity of 2014’s radio-friendly ‘Class Historian’, Broncho dismantled their own commercial expectations and journeyed down an altogether more sardonic path.

On Bad Behaviour, the Oklahoma natives deliver a sonic scramble somewhere between MGMT’s psychedelic coquettishness and Ty Segall’s more sultry reverb-laden endeavours, funnelled through wide-eyed 80’s teen movie soundtracks all the while.

The sun-soaked disillusionment captured on ‘Boys Got To Go’ and ‘All Choked Up’ retains their pop listenability, yet wouldn’t feel out of place in West-Coast dive bar. Most likely the reason why they have fans in Queens Of The Stone Age and The Growlers, both of whom invited them on tour last year. TC


Famous Eno – 'Longtime' ft. Killa P 

Irish producer Famous Eno has announced a new six-track project inventively titled ‘Music For Clubs’, which will be released on the consistently superb Swing Ting label next Friday. With appearances from the likes of Sinjin Hawke, Gafacci and Bryte (whose debut album we talked about a couple of weeks back), it’s looking like it’s going to be serious business.

The announcement came with a Soundcloud release of the Killa P collaboration ‘Longtime’, complete with menacing strings and a vintage patois vocal from the veteran grime MC. JK


Miya Folick – 'Thingamajig'

‘I am smiling wide, I’m the reason the sky is blue / Careful design was poured into me and you’ sings Miya Folick on her latest offering ‘Thingamajig’, which aptly reflects the space and integrity that radiates from this track. It follows previous single ‘Stop Talking’ and couldn’t be more at odds with the latter’s pace and energy; ‘Thingamajig’ is ‘the deepest apology’, Folick has admitted, and her vulnerability that comes with that is deeply touching. JB


Ahadadream – 'Shinchiro Yokota Drum Dub'

Not a proper release, but the producer and More Time Records boss has refixed Shinchiro Yokota’s 2015 track ‘Do It Again’ into a more percussion led, drum-heavy, dance-floor driven track (as is his won't). And I for one enjoyed it immensely. JK


Kodak Black – 'ZEZE'

Let’s be clear, this track isn’t actually very good. But the hype surrounding its release has been almost monumental and is therefore worthy of comment. 

A snippet of Kodak dancing to the instrumental in the studio at the beginning of September has now been viewed more than 7.5 million times on his Instagram. Since then all sorts of rips, imitation instrumentals, freestyles and remixes have appeared online. And in all honesty, I got quite excited about the release.

Earlier this week GRM Daily posted a video of Kodak ‘performing’ the song live with the caption “This song hasn't even come out and it's already one of the songs of the year”. And weirdly that didn’t even seem like too much of an exaggeration.

Anyway, it’s out now. And obviously, it hasn’t been able to live up to the hype. But that instrumental really is something (credit to producer D.A. Doman). JK


Alfa Mist – 7th October: Epilogue 

Musical polymath Alfa Mist occupies the broad plain between jazz and hip-hop, steadily building his reputation by succinctly painting a melancholic picture of East London’s grey suburbia. In the same creative circle as Tom Misch, his new double-sided release 7th October: Epilogue retains his cinematic aesthetic, unravelling back-to-back tracks that are concurrently moody, chill, and energetic. TC


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