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The story behind Festicket

Everything started in April 2011, when Zack, Jonathan and Jerome – long-time friends – wanted to organise a group trip to the world famous festival, Coachella.

They asked themselves essential questions: "Should we go camping, or stay at a hotel?", "Is this hostel convenient? Does it provide the best value for money?", "Should we go for the VIP ticket or the General Admission one?", and "Should we book local transportation?". The planning and booking process was painful, time consuming and very expensive!

They didn’t make it to Coachella that year. Instead, they started on a mission: to gather the festival and live music community around a central booking platform to make things more open, aware and connected. After a few weeks of brainstorming (and quite a few Skype sessions), Festicket was born.

Some of Our Press

The Next Web

Europe’s fastest-growing young tech companies: Here are the Tech5 finalists

Festicket have been announced as a finalist in the TNW's European Tech5, with the winner to be announced at the TNW Conference Europe in April. Read the article for more and to see who we're up against...

The Observer

Sun, sea and me: young women opt for solo spot in the sun as ‘girls only’ holidays surge

Twentysomethings choose to travel without their friends for spontaneous fun and relaxation.

The rising demand has led an increasing number of tour operators to offer bespoke “girls only” packages including tickets, flights and accommodation. Festicket, which offers package holidays to festivals such as the Governors Ball in New York and Marvellous Island in Paris, has reported a 278% increase in the number of individual bookings in the 12 months to January 2015.


STA Travel partners with music festival website

STA Travel has joined forces with music festival website Festicket to allow customers to travel to festivals around the world.

Festicket works with more than 200 music festivals globally, including Tomorrowland in Belgium, Ultra Europe in Croatia, and the Leeds and Reading festivals in the UK.


Festival Travel Site Festicket Raises $2.7M Series A

Festicket, the UK startup that offers a travel booking and discovery site for festival goers, has closed a $2.7 million Series A round. The new funding, which adds to a $680,000 seed round raised in March 2013, is being led by European VCs, Wellington Partners and PROfounders Capital. Previous investors, Windcrest Partners, Playfair Capital, and Jacques-Antoine Granjon (founder of vente-privee.com), also participated.

Event Magazine

UK Festival goers go international

Research compiled by festival travel specialist Festicket has revealed Croatia is the most popular festival destination among UK and international festival goers.


24 Start-Ups: Rencontre avec Festicket

Du 10 au 12 Décembre 2013 et comme chaque anée, Loic Le Meur, sa femme Géraldine et l'équipe de Reed Midem organisent un des plus gros événement web/tech en europe: LeWeb Fraisfrais étant partenaire de cet événement, nous avons décidé de vous présenter 24 start-ups qui valent le détour et qui ont besoin d'un petit coup de pouce. 3 critères diffèrents nous ont permis de sèlectionner ces start-ups: Leur originalité, leur équipe, ou leur produit final. Du service qui va changer le monde, à celui qui va vous convenir ce soir, tout y est. 5 questions/résponses et quelques photos pour vous covaincre


'Knee deep in mud at an English festival? Give me Spain any day'

With the British weather always likely to turn Glastonbury or Bestival into a gruelling expedition, bookings are up by 30% this year for events abroad where fans can pay less to see the same bands – and the backdrop is the sunny Med or Adriatic.

Rave Naked

Your Epic Summer Through Festicket

Calling all adventurous nomad friends, I think I’ve stumbled across the coolest festival website! It is literally a rage planning, one-stop, hotel finding, festival ticket, and transportation machine. Festicket is the perfect four step party package website to find any type of music festival all over the world!... 

The Guardian

Packages Booming for Music festivals

Industry reports huge rise in all-in-one holidays to European dance music events this summer...

Urban Times

Festicket Is The One-Stop Shop You've Been Waiting For!

After a group trip to Coachella fell through Zack and John launched Festicket - a new way to get music fans to the festival without the fuss.


Is European festival fever a threat to UK music events?

Figures suggest UK music fans are increasingly opting for a festival in Europe instead of one on their home turf, lured by the promise of good weather and a cheaper ticket

Daily Tekk

100 More Ways To Discover And Enjoy Music

With over 600K social shares, the original 100 Ways To Discover and Enjoy Music post easily became DailyTekk's most popular article-ever. Now, around a year and a half later, we're bringing you a follow-up post: this is part 2.

Digitick.com & Festicket Partnership

Festicket has signed a partnership agreement with Digitick.com, France’s biggest e-ticket retailer. 

Festicket will be the only partner selling festival packages through Digitick.com, with Festicket packages integrated into the Digitick website through a seamless, user-friendly white-label platform. The agreement allows Festicket to fuel its expansion into the French festival market and will help Digitick move further into Europe, particularly the UK, Germany, Belgium and Croatia. 


Festicket, The Booking Platform For Festival Goers, Raises $680K As It Expands With B2B Offering

Festicket, the UK site that aims to make booking and attending a music festival akin to the experience of purchasing a package holiday online, has raised $680k in a new round of funding.

The Next Web

Fancy traveling to a foreign music festival? UK site Festicket now makes it easier

Festicket, the site that helps to package festival tickets, hotel reservations, transport and extras into a booking has refreshed its site to make the whole process much simpler....


L’entrepreneur français Ilan Abehassera (CEO de Producteev) et correspondant de FrenchWeb à New York est cette semaine à Paris pour LeWeb. A l’issue de cette première journée, il nous fait part de ses impressions et de ses coups de coeur pour 3 startups : Festicket, Poutsch et Market Place Factory.

Guestlist Network

Job Envy: Zack Sabban

Hey Zack, hope you’re all good? Yes, I'm good – another busy day at Festicket, with four meetings, many phone calls, and loads of decisions! You are the Co-founder and CEO of Festicket, how did the idea come about? Well, it actually started after a failed attempt at going to Coachella Music Festival in California in 2011...


Startup of the Week: Festicket

Music festivals these days are big business. No longer simply a gig in a field, they are now all about the whole experience and there are seemingly more and more popping up all the time ...

The Sun

The Sun

Planning a trip to a festival this Summer?

"Festicket website will be music to your ears… Take the hassle out of booking your favourite festivals worldwide with the new website – created by a team of youthful music-loving entrepreneurs – set to become a one-stop shop for planning and organizing your tip. Using social network sites including Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud, Festicket aims to create a trusted online community of festival-goers sharing their experiences and providing recommendations so you can have the best time. Think Trip Advisor for festivals..."


Package holiday-style all inclusive booking for festivals

Festicket aims to make festivals easier by offering tickets, transport and accommodation as an all-in-one package....


December Magazine, Page 8

In 2012, Festicket's mission began. No more trawling the web for hotels, transfers, tickets, airports...

Pulse Radio

Think TripAdvisor for festivals!

Investment banker turned festival guru, Zack Sabban tells Pulse of his new project, Festicket, and his quest to become THE festi-reference...


Festicket Aims To Make Attending Music Festivals As Easy As Booking A Package Holiday

Festicket is a new UK startup targeting music festival goers, a market in Europe which, by some estimates, is worth £12 billion. Users browse the curated directory of music festivals and with ‘one-click’ can book a festival package — tickets, transport and accommodation — therefore taking away a lot of the pain associated with attending festivals and, potentially...

Leeds Student

The Easiest Way To Book Your Festival Ticket 

We love festivals. Everyone does. What we don't like, though, is the painful experience of planning them, booking them, finding the time to do the research and the money to pay for it all in the end. So, a crack team of youthful but experienced and music-loving entrepreneurs have devised a solution to this problem... introducing Festicket.

Summer Festival Guide

Buy your festival tickets from Festicket

Harnessing the power of the social web to revolutionize dance festivals and related travel, Festicket is designed to save you time and hassle, at the same time as offering festival organizers and party people a fully social online platform for communicating all festival-related information.

The Next Web

Festicket just made it easier for affiliates to resell festival packages through their own websites

Festicket, the festival ticketing and travel website, has reworked its platform to provide festivals, affiliates and partners with a far easier way of reselling festival packages on their own websites...

Wiki Festivals

A safe, user-friendly, and hassle-free way to book your festival ticket and travel

Whether it's planning to attend a festival abroad, or venture to one out of your comfort zone, there is always the painful festival experience of planning them, booking them, finding the time to do the research and the money to pay for it all in the end.

Festicket aims be a one-stop shop for booking your dream and all-inclusive trip to every single festival in the world. We caught up with the organiser Zack Sabhan to learn more about what this innovative website can offer, be sure to check out the teaser video at the bottom of this interview!

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