De Zon Festival 2019

  • Amsterdam, Países Baixos
  • 9 Junho 2019

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Tropical fun in the city


De Zon Festival is a house, disco and tropical music festival in Amsterdam. All about living in the moment, the festival features a secret lineup, as well as plenty of fun in the sun activities.

Presenting DJs and live acts, you just have to trust that the people at De Zon know how to soundtrack the perfect summer festival experience, and you should.

Taking up shop at a new location this year, the festival has moved to the popular NDSM Wharf, an artistic and cultural hub for the city north of the river. 


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Moving to a new location this year, the festival has taken up residence in the city's cultural hub north of the river


NDSM Wharf, NDSM-Plein, Amsterdam, 1033 WB, Países Baixos