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Graspop Metal Meeting 2019

  • Dessel, Bélgica
  • 21-24 Junho 2019
  • Heavy Metal
  • Punk
  • Rock


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A home for the distorted

Graspop Metal Meeting is metal and hard rock festival in Dessel, Belgium. Heading into its 24th edition this year, the festival is one of the premier displays of metal and its various sub-genres.

Presenting one of the biggest lineups of its kind in the world, Graspop has hosted legendary acts like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Motörhead, and Slipknot to name but a few. 

With two main stages and 3 supporting stages, the festival covers a wide range of sounds, from stoner rock all the way to thrash metal. 

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The festival has made a home in a massive green space outside of Dessel, turning the grounds into a classic outdoor festival. 


Kastelsedijk, Dessel, 2480, Bélgica