909 | Festival | 2019

  • Amsterdam, Países Baixos
  • 25 Maio 2019
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Celebrating the sounds and rhythms of the TR-909

909 | Festival is a techno festival in Amsterdam. Named after the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine, the festival is a throwback to the golden days of techno.

Annually curating a lineup of some of the most talented DJs and producers in the genre, 909 | Festival showcases the rhythms and sounds at the heart of techno.

An intimate affair, the festival is a classic outdoor summer event, featuring immersive stage production and taking place surrounded by the forests of Amsterdamse Bos.

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Amsterdamse Bos is a large park just outside of the city. However, unlike most parks, this one was artificially created on unused wetlands prior to opening in 1937, but has since evolved into a woodland with an array of sports and leisure facilities.


Amsterdamse Bos, Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, Amsterdam, 1187 NW, Países Baixos