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Movement Torino 2019

  • Lingotto Fiere, Turin, Itália
  • 31 Outubro 2019
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The European cousin of a Detroit legend

Movement Torino is an electronic music festival, held each year in the northern Italian cultural city of Turin. 

Born in 2006 as the European branch of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, the festival has come to be known in Italy simply as Movement, such is the weight it holds as one of the leading electronic festivals in Europe; indeed, in 2016 it received official patronage from the European Commission. 

As well as iconic performances in the Lingotto Fiere from contemporary Techno legends, the festival has carefully cultivated its workshops and talks over the years making it much more than a dance party. 

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A former car factory, Lingotto Fiere is now a modern complex complete with event spaces as well as a shopping mall and hotel.


Lingotto Fiere, Via Nizza 294, Turin, 10126, Itália