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Paul van Dyk in Ostrava 2019

  • Ostrava, República Tcheca
  • 24 Maio 2019
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Paul Van Dyk returns to Ostrava

In May 2019, Paul van Dyk is returning to Ostrava for the second time, three years after lighting up the city's Trojhalí Karolina with his pioneering brand of trance and techno.

Beloved by electronic music moguls the world over, Van Dyk's current world tour for his ninth studio album Music Rescues Me stretches from North America to South East Asia, and now to central Europe.  

The Czech Republic's Trojhalí Karolina, a reconstructed and revitalised industrial venue again welcomes Paul Van Dyk for an immersive night of artistry from the man who merged both DJ and dance culture into the mainstream.

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Trojhalí Karolina – or Triple Hall Karolina – is a reconstructed industrial site that was once an iron and steelworks, but is now host to a variety of events throughout the year.


Trojhalí Karolina, K Trojhalí, Ostrava, 702 00, República Tcheca