Dubstep is a more recent genre, pioneered in the late 1990s in London. It's an electronic genre that is characterized by syncopated patterns with sub-base frequencies. Dubstep tracks were typically released as B-sides to 2-step garage CDs in the late 1990s. The music especially gained recognition when DJ Mary Anne Hobbes started a radio show called "Dubstep Warz" in 2005. The popularity of dubstep increased in the 2000s but has been in decline since 2016 when artists who were involved with dubstep music started switching gear to different genres. Still, dubstep will never be completely forgotten and is a large part of many festivals today. 

Dubstep festivals include the likes of Rampage, Outlook Festival, Tokyo World and more. 

Artists such as Excision, Digital Mystikz, Youngsta and Hatcha can be seen playing at a number of dubstep festivals.

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