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The genre of jazz, inspired by blues and ragtime music, first came into being in the black community of New Orleans, USA in the late 19th century. Jazz is highly improvisational and uses swing a blues notes. 

Instruments used in jazz shows typically consist of bass, guitar, saxophone, keys, drums, trombone, and trumpet. 

During the Roaring 20s, jazz was considered an immoral and illegitimate form of music. Due to the USA Prohibition period, speakeasies became popular, in which people drank alcohol and often listened to and danced to live jazz music. 

Duke Ellington was one of the biggest jazz influencers, experimenting with new sounds and harmonies and bringing jazz more into the mainstream. In fact, his hits spanned from outside of America to Europe. 

Jazz festivals include the likes of New Orleans Jazz Fest, Monterey Jazz FestivalLove Supreme Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz FestivalGent Jazz Festival Nisville Jazz FestivalEDP Cool Jazz and Ronnie Scott's presents Milestones Festival.

Artists such as Herbie Hancock, Kamasi Washington, and Elvis Costello can be seen playing at a number of Jazz festivals.

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