New Music Friday: Paul Kalkbrenner, Julio Bashmore & Lunchmoney Lewis

New Music Friday: Paul Kalkbrenner, Julio Bashmore & Lunchmoney Lewis

This Friday we let loose to new albums by dance maestros Paul Kalkbrenner and Julio Bashmore, before clearing up with some true summer vibes from LunchMoney Lewis. 

Paul Kalkbrenner - 7 (Album)

Fresh off signing a major deal with Sony Records, dance producer Paul Kalkbrenner's aptly named seventh album is melodic, emotive, and in a departure from the norm, includes the odd vocal sample, most notably Luther Van Dross' 'Never Too Much'. But as is typical of Kalkbrenner, it all comes together to produce an easy, deep listen that's both contemplative and club-worthy. Luke Nightingale.

You can catch Paul Kalkbrenner at Positiv FestivalLe Cabaret Vert, Zürich Openair and Home Festival

Julio Bashmore – Knockin' Boots (Album)

Without being able to assert that dance music ever went away, I'm now going to announce that it's back. 'Knockin' Boots', Julio Bashmore's debut full-length album, plays on that vibrant kind of house music that captures only the best bits of a party, while pulling in the odd spot of disco along the way. Not a banger in sight; not at EDM synth to contend with. Just simple dance music, and enough quirks to keep it interesting. Joel Robertson.

Julio Bashmore will be performing at The Garden Party and Straf_Werk.

LunchMoney Lewis - Whip it (Single)

American record producer and singer-songwriter LunchMoney Lewis is back and dropped his brand new single 'Whip It' at midnight. The song is a catchy killer tune and just screams summer vibes. Loving it! Nora Rekus.

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