Unbelievable Festival Stage & Set Design

Unbelievable Festival Stage & Set Design

Whether it's huge-scale pyrotechnic frenzies, eye-catching festival artwork or just an inspired new take on the same old stage, creative design can really set a music event apart from the crowd. We take a look at some of the most recognisable festival stages and sets in the business.

Simple yet iconic

The kind that everybody knows, whether they've been or not

Glastonbury, UK – Pyramid Stage

Roskilde, Denmark – Orange Stage

Insanely impressive

The biggest electronic festivals in the world match their lineups with mind-blowing settings

Tomorrowland, Belgium – that instantly recognisable face

Mysteryland, Netherlands – several themed stages for every edition

Dance Valley, Netherlands – vividly bright and colour-changing

Ultra Miami, USA 
– the biggest festival logo ever

Burning Man, USA
– world-famous desert art


Well-designed and distinctive

It's all about the detail, even at slightly smaller events

Groove Parade, Spain – giant, pre-Avatar flowers

Brothers Open Air, Netherlands – the electronic lotus

Lief Festival, Netherlands – different every year, but always stand-out

Extrema Outdoor Belgium/Netherlands 
– the oversized, mechanical tank


Next-level visual effects

And when there's not enough space for a custom-built stage, lasers and fire are still your friend

MAYDAY Dortmund, Germany – lights and pyro

Transmission, Czech Republic – lights

Sensation Amsterdam, Netherlands – pyro

Time Warp, Germany – more lights

Awakenings, Amsterdam – more lights and pyro

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