Zürich Openair 2019: Beyond The Headliners

Zürich Openair 2019: Beyond The Headliners

Zürich Openair 2021

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Zurich, Suíça

Understandably, the first port of call when deciding which festival to immerse ourselves in is undoubtedly the headliners. Of course, scenery, expected weather, demographics of festival-goer, and music genres on offer come into play, but it's rare that the majority of us can look past the big names in bright lights.

Zürich Openair has just that; the upper echelons of the festival's lineup is crammed with talents of a global scale, seeing Calvin Harris, The Chemical Brothers, Macklemore, Swedish House Mafia, Billie Eilish, Jorja Smith, Nina Kraviz, and Foals occupy these coveted top spots in 2019. 

Beneath these, however, there's a myriad of sounds that warrant your attentions throughout the Swiss festival giant. Here are our picks 'beyond the headliners':

Tommy Genesis

Carving a niche as a visceral and forthright underground hip hop artist, you may recognise her from Calvin Klein campaigns more so than her music, but not for much longer; utilising her evident sex appeal as a self-proclaimed 'fetish rapper', Genesis' lyricism is as in-your-face as her liberal outlook on scantily-clad costumes. 

Stylish, aggressive, and unconventional, it won't be long before Genesis joins the top ranks of contemporary hip hop artists.


Ross From Friends

This British producer is from good stock - channelling the experiences of his nomadic father who travelled Europe with a sound system in his van throughout the 80s, Ross From Friends is equally at home across a diverse range of environs.

Versatile and evolving electronica that's as fitting in the midst of a midnight rave as it is inspiring a solitary daydream.


Friendly Fires

It's unlikely that you wouldn't have heard of this infectiously danceable electro-pop trio, but given they went on hiatus for the best part of a decade you might need a refresher in terms of grasping their sheer joyous likeability. 

Returning after eight years away with third album Inflorescent, the sheer quantity of shimmering bangers will see Friday night play out nicely, as well as their welcome reinstatement as masters of pop perfection.



Another influential group that shunned the industry for far too long, the Brooklyn-formed purveyors of melodic experimentation embrace weirdness, emotion, and humour all at the same time. The result? Well, a marriage of Flaming Lips' comedic, psychedelic oddities with Animal Collective's inner-city telescope staring into the cosmos is, an elaborate, but an appropriate place to start. 

We're glad they're back, and so should you be.


Sophie Hunger

Swiss-born and bred, Hunger's hometown festival appearance is not to be missed. The multi-dimensional troubadour blends traditional instrumentation with contemporary beat-dense electronica - moving from Switzerland to Berlin expanded her pool of inspiration, with the outcome a confrontational yet inclusive narrative to her body of work. 

Definitely up there with Switzerland's finest exports, and her performance on home soil will be exceptionally special.

Zürich Openair 2019 takes place in Zürich, Switzerland from 21-24 August.

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