Quarantine Q&A: Jauz

Quarantine Q&A: Jauz

As lockdown continues across the world, we find out how artists are coping with life in quarantine. Next up in our new series is dance DJ and producer Jauz

What has been your go to quarantine food or drink?

Since I've been staying at my mother-in-law's house for most of quarantine, I've gotten really into learning how to grill since I've never had one in the apartments I've lived in since I moved away from home. So I think my go-to has probably been steaks, as I'm always trying to master the art of grilling the perfect steak while I'm here.

Are you trying to learn any new talents?

Not so much trying to learn new talents, but using this time to work on old talents that I haven't gotten to use much since I've been a full time electronic music producer and touring artist.

I've been streaming on Twitch a tonne during quarantine, which has made me start getting back into a lot of the film editing skills I had when I was in university for Film but haven't used in a long time. I've also started to pick up my guitar again, which I've neglected for a long long time. My goal as a kid was actually to be a guitar player in a band, but when I got serious about electronic music and was moving to LA I only had room for either my Guitar gear or my electronic gear, and I opted for the electronic gear. It obviously paid off but it's always killed me that I had to basically give up playing the guitar, so I'm trying my best to get back at it and bring it into my production workflow.

Pick a movie or show everyone should watch now.

If you haven't yet, you have to see Parasite. If you can get past the fact that it's only in subtitles, which is easy with this film, there's no way it won't make your top then of all time list. I haven't seen a movie in a long time that had me completely captivated from start to finish like this did, and was able to weave comedy, suspense, horror, thriller and drama so beautifully together. Absolute masterpiece.

Are you working on new music? If so, what can you tell us about it?

I'm working on a tonne of new music actually. I think that's the best thing quarantine has done for me. I just get to be creative again – not worrying about making "bangers" for festivals, and really having nothing but time to just write whatever comes to mind. I think the next few releases of mine really reflect that and it kind of feels like a new era of Jauz in the best way possible. 

Any tips to staying calm and happy?

I think the best way to stay in a good state of mind during this lockdown is to continually work on bettering yourself, and that can be applied in endless ways. Working on your physical fitness, learning a new skill, improving your craft, doing things you have always wanted to but "never had time" for - now's the time to take advantage and do whatever you can to come out of this horrible situation the person you want to be. 

What is one YouTube video you think everyone should watch?

I love self-help books, videos, movies, etc. I recently found this one on Youtube that I thought was a really great source of information both to reinforce what you might already know about investing in yourself, or could teach you a lot of things you might not know. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, I think everyone can benefit from teaching themselves more about investing in their own personal success. 

Pick one album that you think everyone should listen to while in quarantine.

Mura Masa's self-titled album. It's one of my favourites of all time, perfect for summertime as well. I don't listen to much electronic music nowadays especially while I'm in writing mode, but I always find myself re-listening to this album for inspiration.

Are you exercising more or less? If more, do you have any at home workout tips? 

My wife recently became a certified fitness instructor so we've definitely been making good use of being stuck at home. She's been running workout classes over Zoom for her friends and has me join every now and then, but we also have been participating in Zoom classes from the F45 gym we normally go to in Los Angeles. They make it really easy to work out at home by showing you how to use household items as weights and the like.

You don't need a fancy gym to work out, at the end of the day all you really need is your own body weight. There's never been a better time to put the effort in so you might as well get started.

What is the first thing you want to do when life goes back to normal?

Go visit my family. My dad has a pretty high risk factor for Covid, so even though we could have been in northern California spending a tonne of time with him and my mum right now I decided to stay in LA because it was safer. It bums me out a lot that I haven't been able to make use of the time off I have to spend time with them that I normally never can, but hopefully soon I'll be able to go up there. 

Jauz' latest single ‘Wildlife’ feat. Karra is out today.

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